Welcome to the Becoming a Sun Community

We’re a global community of people dedicated to the evolution of human consciousness

What Does it Mean to Become a Sun?

Becoming a sun is a metaphor for becoming on the outside what we already are on the inside: a conscious presence of Universal Love. Our individual and collective work is to let go of all the limitations that shroud the intense central core of who we really are. When we do this work, the light that we truly are begins to shine more brightly and emerge fully into the world. This is empowerment. This is freedom. This is authenticity. This is our destiny. We are here to become a sun.

Our Big Purpose

We bring together people who want to understand and activate their spiritual superpowers so that we can collectively crack the code of the human heart and soul, elevate our consciousness as a community, and cheer each other on as we offer the unique gifts we have come here to bring to humankind in this time of crisis and rebirth.

What You Will Find Here

  • A global community of people committed to raising their vibration and bringing their unique gifts to the world
  • A safe, supportive, and loving space to do your inner work in a small group constellation
  • Free and low-cost workshops, programs, and courses that are highly transformative and experiential
  • Streams of enlightened information, experiential workshops, and courses on emotional & spiritual intelligence
  • Information, workshops, and training in the energy medicine practice of Attunement 
  • Opportunities to share your insights and experiences on your journey

Since 1945 the faculty at Sunrise Ranch has offered in-person spiritual programs that are experiential and transformative. 

Based on Primal Spirituality and Attunement principles, our programs are designed to assist participants in attuning to the Source of Being within themselves and allowing their true divine nature to fully emerge in the human experience. 

David Karchere is the Spiritual Director at Sunrise Ranch and the author of Becoming a Sun: Emotional and Spiritual Intelligence for a Happy, Fulfilling Life.  It has been a decade-long dream to build an online community where people can do their inner work, learn, grow, and be supported in an atmosphere of love and acceptance. A place where people can experience spiritual intimacy, community, and personal transformation. 

"What your world, and the people in it, need most from you is for you to be a sun. They need your warmth. Your ability to offer your care for their well-being. Your ability to offer blessing. Nothing imposed. Nothing affected. Just the abiding spirit of love, constant in your heart of hearts."      

 - David Karchere

The Attunement School at Sunrise Ranch

Lloyd Arthur Meeker, considered a modern-day mystic by those who knew him, shared the first Attunement in 1929 in Wichita, Kansas. He had been developing his own healing practice and searching for an answer to the spiritual questions that were driving his life. For three nights in September of 1932, Meeker experienced a spiritual awakening. From that time, he wrote under his pen name Uranda and started a grassroots movement in energy healing and spiritual understanding that lives on to this day. 

The Attunement School at Sunrise Ranch is dedicated to honoring the legacy and bringing the latest in scientific and spiritual understanding of consciousness and energy medicine to the world and future generations.

Attunement is both an energy medicine practice and a transformative consciousness practice that is empowering and healing to the human experience. The Attunement School at Sunrise Ranch is where the principles and practices of Attunement were first taught in a classroom setting. We are proud to say that literally thousands of people, over many decades, have trained in the art and science of Attunement through our programs. Whether you are interested in being a certified Attunement Practitioner or simply having a personal experience of Attunement, we have many courses and events that can support you on your journey. To learn more about Attunement, you can also visit our website attunement.org

What People Are Saying About Our Programs

 “This was a powerful series of classes where I learned how to share Attunement with others.  We participated in activities that illuminated the connections we have with each other and the connection we all have with spirit. Taking this course opened my eyes to living a more purposeful life and allowing love to radiate in my world without concern for results.”     

- B. McClusky

The subject matter of Attunement came to life in a practical and intensely experiential way. David Karchere and the presenters masterfully invoked a flow of spiritual simplicity and clarity with a fresh modern approach. I was touched by the old wisdom of the Attunement founders and principles, which are eternal to this day.  I carry deep within me all the learnings from this Attunement training as “A way of Life.”                                                                                    

 -J. Fiorica

"This was such a wonderful experience for me. I have come through this journey with a deeper understanding and love for myself and the people around me. It was such a surprise to me that we could connect with each other in such a spiritually intimate way in an online environment.  I highly recommend this to anyone that wants to have a heart connection with others and feel spiritually fed."                                                                                               

 -  K. Foster

The Transformation Group, for me, has been a revelation of personal discovery in a wonderfully safe crucible, just the right unfolding process of awakening to identity & purpose. I am most thankful for the facilitators’ cohesiveness, artistry & wisdom in guiding this internal journey that naturally leads to creative action in this Life.    

- B. Ewing

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